As a community theater, Valley Light Opera relies entirely on volunteers to do the many jobs necessary to mount a full-scale musical production each year. The behind-the-scenes action is just as exciting and important as the music, and you get to work with a great group of people! For most jobs, experience is not required and you decide how much time you can give. Everyone gets credit in the program and an invitation to the company party after we strike the set.

Set construction
Build platforms and set components out of wood. Crew works on weekends in the fall, and VLO provides lunch.

Set painting
Trace scene designs onto set components, and paint them. Work weekends in the fall, VLO provides lunch.

Costume construction
Every sewing job imaginable: fabric cutting, simple and advanced sewing machine work, hand sewing jobs (buttons, etc.), glue gun, trim. Crew works on weekends (with VLO-provided lunch) as well as Tuesday & Thursday evenings, or take a project home with you.

Hang and focus lights in the final two weeks before opening night. This usually happens in the evening.

Apply stage make-up to cast members. Crew begins working about two hours before each performance.

Hair Designers and Stylists
Design period-appropriate hair styles and up-dos for principals and chorus. Style performers' hair before all performances. Design, style and care for wigs if applicable. Stylists begin working abotu two hours before each performance.

Stage Manager
Required to attend all rehearsals and performances. Keep track of everything that happens on stage during all rehearsals and performances. Must be organized, punctual, conscientious, and simultaneously good-natured and demanding. Some theater experience (stage or technical) helpful but not essential.

Stage crew
Help backstage during performances: raise & lower curtain, move scenery, help with special effects.

Create or find props to use on stage. Late September and October.