Mission statement (adopted by the Board of Directors, Sept. 19, 2001)
The mission of the Valley Light Opera is to produce excellent light opera, primarily but not restricted to the works of Gilbert and Sullivan, to provide members of the community the opportunity to participate at all levels of these productions, and to afford both participants and audiences enjoyment and a deeper appreciation of light opera.

The affairs of the VLO are in the hands of a Board of Directors elected by the membership at the Annual Meeting, normally in February or March. Membership is open to all who are interested, but it is not necessary to be a member to participate. You don't even have to be able to sing and dance. The VLO is a community group, made up entirely of volunteers, and there is a place for you on either side of the footlights. Are you interested in doing or learning make-up, costumes, scenery construction, painting, or lighting? Maybe you would rather work on the program, do publicity, usher, help with refreshments, or find your own way to participate in VLO.

Current Board Members:

Artemis Roehrig
Steven Williams (non-elected treasurer)
Kathy Blaisdell (clerk)
Kate Green
Bob Graham
Santo Mammone
Kate Saik
Diana Peele
Nicole Newell
Christopher Marcus
Mark McMenamin
Martin Hutchinson
Patty Devine
Phyllis Jordan